About Us

Founded in 2018, Innovate (x) is an innovative ideas company that aims to explore the probability of making your ideas a reality, finding a solution to your problem, and helping the collective to live in a new, different, and more efficient way.

Our ethos is that when creative individuals are equipped with the necessary resources to allow their ideas to become reality, these ideas take form, and a global impact is made.

Take your ideas to the next level, pitch your idea, and see it take flight or help fund the next big project!

To make a difference globally, we intend to not limit ourselves to one sector or category of innovation but rather to welcome all ideas and challenges that come our way.

Through asking the right questions and conducting a screening process, we can identify what the purpose of the project is, the plan, who the champion of the project is, whether or not the project disrupts or makes a difference to the industry that it falls within, and if it makes a difference to sustaining the human race long-term.

We are the innovation incubators, helping partners of a project to incubate their innovations until deemed market-ready.

By investigating non-conventional methods of innovation and challenging ‘learned’ science, new ways of doing things can be created as well as new solutions found to resolve future concerns that can be foreseen to occur.

Our Mission

  • Nurture Initiatives: Bring initiatives to fruition through collaboration and implementing innovative methods of practice.
  • See nature as our teacher: Learn from mother nature through research and development to help reduce waste and bring about sustained methods of combating malnutrition and food shortages.

Our Values

  • Explore
  • Innovate
  • Work together
  • Share ideas and experiences
  • Create with the collective (global impact) in mind

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