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We are assembling the succeeding generation of innovators, original thinkers and pioneers of next revolutions. Founded in 2018, Innovate (x) is a purpose driven and project orientated company that embraces real innovation to extend its ethos and subtheme of sustainability, aiming to leave a meaningful, lasting legacy.

We believe that creative individuals given the right resources and equipped with the correct attitude have the power to make ripples across the planet.

Initiatives and ideas are born daily in most individuals, our mission is to nurture those initiatives to fruition by partnering and implementing collaborative innovation techniques. Perspectives form the basis of how humans perceive an experience, we believe that through these experiences, humans have the unique ability to connect the known of their own experiences to the unknown outcomes they might predict for the future. Therefore, creating solutions to world problems through natural occurrences such as networking effects, conversations and developing ideas that may have otherwise lay dormant, but now can stand a chance to be brought to life in a happy and beneficial way for all.

Explore, innovate, work together and have fun sharing ideas and experiences.


Innovate to a factor of (x) means we don’t limit ourselves to categories and so work in multiple industries with the intention to make positive differences in each sector it may serve, so that together we may realize our true potential as individuals, companies, organizations, nations and as a collective species.

Strategic partnering forms the backbone of our relationship building programs. We begin with the project. What is the purpose? What is the plan? Who is the champion? Does it disrupt or make a difference to the industry it falls within? Does it make a difference to sustaining the human race long-term?

Innovate (x) is the hub of our model and is our chosen vehicle that will accelerate and, in some cases, incubate innovation for partners of a project until deemed market ready into its own legal entity creating long-term sustainable bonds for all contributors albeit for purposed profit or for non-profit.


Our Values

Explore Real Innovation Through Creativity For Humans By Working Together Remembering to Have fun sharing ideas and experiences

Our Mission

We Use Humans To Preserve Humans

We view nature as a template to preserve our humanity. By learning from this planet through research and development, we believe we can improve efficiencies, reduce waste and bring new sustainable technologies and initiatives to life.

Our Projects made Public

Lodestar Centre of Excellence

Non profit organisation established in partnership with German enterprise BioAnalyt. The Lodestar Centre of Excellence plans to tackle global problems regarding malnutrition by advocating and teaching food fortification techniques across multiple staple foods. Otherwise known as the LCOE acronym, the team intends to improve food quality and food safety, so that we have informed and healthy populations on every continent.


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